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SEO and Digital Marketing Solutions

At Cerebella Marketing, we specialize in using Search Engine Optimization and Google AdWords together in order to give your business the right blend of immediate inbound customers and cost-effective long-term sustainability with improved visibility in search engines. Good SEO has been demonstrated to have an ROI of over 500%, making it one of the best investments that you can make to help ensure a steady stream of the one thing every business can’t survive without: more customers.

SEO Process


To help ensure you get great results, we leverage leading industry certifications in subjects like ITIL and Project Management to first take the time to understand your business goals. We’ll clean up your existing online profile and then put the right pieces into place, in the right order and with the right timing, so things go smoothly. Change too much too fast, or the wrong things in the wrong order, and you can potentially get your website flagged because it looks like you’re up to funny-business. If you’ve ever attempted any SEO before, part of our process could also include having to try and delete things you might have done previously before being able to proceed with the good stuff. This could be necessary if you are either over-optimized or have a toxic link profile with either spam links, or links coming to you from websites generally regarded as bad neighborhoods.


SEO is about helping you get more customers through improved search engine visibility. To accomplish that, we first address the preliminary objective of building a rock-solid foundation that isn’t going to be washed away by the latest in an endless series of animal-named Google updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc. whose purpose is to identify and punish anyone trying to game the system. We want to build a foundation of trust with Google, and yet most SEO programs completely overlook critical aspects of this. There’s far more to SEO than on-site factors, backlinks, and social signals. The good news is that you can relax, since we’ll help you establish credibility with Google, Yahoo and Bing, while avoiding strategies that may do more harm than good.

Custom Solutions

Our SEO starts with approach of establishing you as a credible entity with Google and then building on that. What this might look like in practice can be different from one situation to another. You can have the same company with the same digital assets, but put them into a different city, and what they need is going to be different. There’s no one set answer to what’s needed. The environment is also dynamic, meaning that what you might need to be on top at exactly this moment, versus six months from now, could be different, because your top competitors – the ones that you want to boot out of those top spots – probably aren’t just sitting around doing nothing. We’ll come up with an overall strategy and start putting the pieces into place, but always with the understanding that we may have to change course, and that we will do so when needed.

SEO & AdWords

SEO has the highest ROI of marketing services, because it create long-term value – i.e. it requires some maintenance, but once you get to top spots, it’s much easier to stay there. This is contrasted with AdWords and other PPC strategies where you have to keep paying, but that generate almost immediate inbound leads. Many customers benefit from a blended service where we use AdWords to start generating inbound leads right away while working on your SEO that will help sustain your business in the long-run.

Apply for help at one of our offices, and a local SEO expert will evaluate your situation and see if we’re a good fit.